5:14 EP 2016, self-released
Explorer 2014, Hel Audio
Particle Theory 2013, Cheapbeats
Going Up Coming Down 2010, Metrodub


8 Bit Operators: Enjoy The Science 2014, Receptors Music
Osc Box 001 2014, Osc Box
Virtual Kikumoto 2012, Kittenrock
Hexawe 2010-11, Hexawe


Comptroller: Lemon No Yume 2015, Comptroller
Lisa Schumman: Stranger 2014, Lisa Schumann
gWEm & Counter Reset: Critical 2013, Cheapbeats

Upcoming gigs

None. So book me!

Previous gigs

18.05.2015 Under The Influence: Eurovision @ Boogaloo, Highgate, London
02.08.2014 Turbo City @ Loading Bar, Hackney, London
13.06.2014 Be Bold Beats @ Cafe Bohemia, Hackney, London
03.04.2014 Analog Attack 3 @ The Star of Kings, Kings Cross, London
01.03.2014 Grok Day @ The Betsey Trotwood, London
28.09.2013 Square Sounds Festival @ Koenji High, Tokyo (audio / video)
04.05.2013 Ultrachip 2013 @ Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh
26.01.2013 The Railway Tavern, Tulse Hill, London
05.09.2012 Analog Attack @ Question Mark Bar, Stoke Newington, London (audio)
02.06.2012 Cheapbeats 5 @ Sabako, Tokyo (video)
07.04.2012 Analog Attack @ The Cornershop, Shoreditch, London
30.05.2011 Hector's House, Brighton
22.05.2011 Hexawe Allstars @ Babycastles Arcade, Brooklyn, New York (video)
22.10.2010 Public Life, Spitalfields, London


Matt Nida is an electronic musician based in London. Initially emerging as part of the city's chipmusic scene, his synth-heavy style of music now encompasses house, 70s space synth, Detroit techno, early IDM and the horror soundtracks of John Carpenter.

Having released tracks via cult netlabels Hexawe and Metrodub, his first full-length, Particle Theory (produced using a Sony PSP running the LittleGPTracker sample tracker), was released on Tokyo's Cheapbeats in 2013. The synth-driven Explorer appeared the following year via Utah-based cassette label Hel Audio.

He regularly gigs around the UK and has also performed in New York and at the inaugural Square Sounds Tokyo festival in 2013.